Why to choose IELTSCB

Simulation testing and answers for reference can help you better master the time and improve your skills during the preparation of IELTS. It can assist you understand IELTS from any aspect, solve all the problems during your preparation timely and pointedly, and upgrade all kinds of skills effectively.

Contents of IELTSCB

  • After finishing this practice test, you can
  • Understand the form of computer-based testing of IELTS
  • Experience the question types in real test
  • Examine the answer ability through timing test
  • Inspect your answers based on references.

Advantages of IELTSCB

Standard testing process
—It is the same with official computer-based testing of IELTS, which can let you adapt the test in advance but not be nervous in the examination room.
Authoritative answers for reference
—The product is authoritative because of the cooporation with XXXXX in England.
Specific study report
—It will let you know your merits and drawbacks more clearly and make you improve pointedly.
Free practice at any time
—You can review more flexibly for making any use of your spare time.